design of detector

                 Gas dtector KD2 (for boiler rooms and industry)

Instrument description:
- Double-sensor, micro-computer controlled indicator of carbon oxide and inflammable gases intended for boiler rooms, industrial plant and gasworks engineers
- Suitable for gas leak detection as well as for continuous inspection of inner rooms.

- Simple operation, small dimensions, sufficient detection range for common practice
- Eight-point slight scale, acoustic alarm variable according to concentration
- Memory of the highest detected value
- Operation with supply both from the mains and battery, automatic battery charging
- Adapted for the fastening on a wall
- Certificate issued by an authorised testing laboratory, conformity declaration, guarantee 2 years, service life at least 7 years
- Checked up in practice in a great series of heating plants even by revision engineers

design of detector with head

                 Detector KD2h (for gasworks engineers)

- thin head (10mm) on cord (1,2m) for comfortable gas leak detection.
- it is possible to furnish leatherette casing
- this model can't be hang up on a wall

Layout of elements:
layout of elements

1.Operating push-button
2.Light scale
3.Sensor of inflammable gases (only KD2)
4.Inlets for carbon oxide
5.Acoustic alarm
6.Jack for the connection of the network feeder
7.battery replenishment pilot lamp
(On rear side of KD2 there is an opening for the hanging of the instrument onto a wall.)

Technical specification:
CH4 detection range:   0.03 to 4 % (the values 0,03; 0,06; 0,12; 0,25 ; 0,5; 1; 2; 4 %)
CO detection range:    20 to 400 ppm (the values 20; 30; 50; 80; 120; 180; 270; 400 ppm)
Working temperature:  0°C to +40°C
Feeding:                    - Internal storage battery 9 V / external power source 12 V, 200 mA
Operation time:         - 1 ... 20 hours with the battery supply (according to the operating mode)
                                    or permanently from mains
Dimensions / weight:   150 * 50 * 23 mm / 120 g
A conformity declaration: a certificate released VVUÚ, a.s. Ostrava-Radvanice
Equipment:                 - Network adapter, 9 V battery NIMH

Price as to 5.1.2008
Detector KD2 (include network adapter and 9 V battery NIMH):  162 EUR
Detector KD2h (include network adapter and 9 V battery NIMH):  208 EUR
Leatherette casing for KD2h:   8,2 EUR
Trickle charger to car :   11,3 EUR
The instrument calibration (recommend once a year): 16 EUR


Produce and supply:
Josef Vobejda
Terézy Novákové 155
539 44 PROSEČ